Practicing the Medicine of Tomorrow, Today

The Benefits of Teleneurosurgery

While telemedicine adoption rates climbed to over 300% since 2015, tele-neurosurgery continues to be an underutilized specialty. An article in World Neurosurgery discusses risks and opportunities in providing virtual neurosurgical care. The majority of studies...

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Seeing TeleMedicine’s Full Potential

While telemedicine is adopted in several hospitals and facilities, the potential continues to be underestimated. The lack of utilization is primarily due to challenges and the unknown of what a robust telemedicine program can entail. Challenges in telemedicine include...

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Using Telepsych To Reach All Patients

Socio-economic barriers prevent some patients from receiving appropriate psychiatric care. A study conducted at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) showed low-income communities benefit from telemedicine, specifically video-conferencing for psychiatry. The...

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Increasing Bottom Lines With Stroke Care

Teleneurology continues to improve patient access and benefit hospitals. Massachusetts General Hospital compared consults before and after their tele-neurology program was implemented. This program provides neurology care to over 6 million patients in the New England...

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