May 27, 2021

(Denver, Colorado) Specialist TeleMed is proud to announce that we now offer our services to Skilled Nursing Facilities! We are uniquely positioned to provide virtual care physician services in 24+ medical and surgical specialties to care settings including: ED, Inpatient, Outpatient, and Remote Worksites as well.

It is no secret that the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic has revealed an increase in the use of telemedicine services across care settings within the past year. Specifically, skilled nursing facilities have seen many benefits arise from adopting the use of virtual care services. Common issues among most skilled nursing facilities revolve around staff and physician coverage. All SNF’s are not able to provide medical director/physician services 24/7 and open positions have recently been left unfilled, leaving staff overworked. With Specialist TeleMed services, facilities have seen a mitigation of emergency transfers, a decrease in hospital readmissions, improvement of patient care, increase in financial stability and overall satisfaction from patients, family, and staff. Specialist TeleMed is able to bridge the gap in physician coverage, providing specific, patient-centered care when needed.

While there were many challenges, the Coronavirus pandemic proved how valuable telemedicine can be to skilled nursing facilities. Specialist TeleMed’s role is to help make your SNF staff and clinicians’ jobs more efficient, value-based and patient care streamlined.


More About STeM

STeM has been practicing telemedicine since 2015 and has grown to offer more specialties than any other provider in a value-based, patient-first delivery of care. Whether the facility is a critical access hospital (CAH), or a primary medical system, STeM has the physician service experience that can support the hospital mission and maximize patient satisfaction through telehealth.

Specialist TeleMed (STeM), based in Denver, Colorado, is a physician-led company offering more than 24+ inpatient and outpatient specialties for virtual care consultations. Fully accredited by the Joint Commission for Ambulatory Health Care.

For more information, please visit or contact: 1-800-975-1652.


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