While telemedicine is adopted in several hospitals and facilities, the potential continues to be underestimated. The lack of utilization is primarily due to challenges and the unknown of what a robust telemedicine program can entail. Challenges in telemedicine include security of data, possible reduced continuity of care, and decreased quality of care. Specialist TeleMed addresses these challenges by partnering with reputable technology platforms and enlisting board-certified physicians who keep every patient at the center of our practice.

A well-planned telemedicine program provides benefits for the patient, facility, and the physicians involved. Specialist TeleMed works with every potential client to create a unique and tailored experience, ensuring a smooth implementation. This creates buy-in with existing staff at contracted sites, setting up the program for success.

Telemedicine will continue to grow within healthcare, creating a strong return on investments. Although the full potential of telemedicine has not been realized, patients are beginning to see the benefits of obtaining specialized care using virtual means. These patients can obtain care while remaining in a familiar facility, decreasing anxiety, and costs associated with traveling for medical issues.

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