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Practicing the Medicine of Tomorrow, Today.


Specialist TeleMed was founded in 2015, as a privately held company, when a need was recognized for telemedicine that clearly was ahead of the services that were then, or are now, provided. The core concepts of STeM are based around integrating video-conferencing, medical imaging, and clinical documentation/workflow into a friendly, efficient and cost-effective approach to patient care with our physicians. This allows for the physician to focus solely on the patient, which helps enhance patient outcomes.

Since our founding in 2015, Specialist TeleMed has sought to innovate in the delivery of specialist physician services to reach entities and patients in need. Our team strives to eliminate the specialist physician service availability gap in the United States by bringing a high-quality network of clinicians to the institutions and individuals who need them most. Through best-in-class services built specifically for the delivery of specialist physician care services, our partnership can extend reach, increase productivity and improve outcomes. Our mission is to provide specialist telemedicine consultations for non-emergent conditions. Our team consists of Board-Certified specialists in more than 24 medical and surgical subspecialities.

By providing telemedicine specialist consultations, we support and assist local providers in managing and treating patients with conditions that would benefit from a consultation, and we provide confidence to patients and families that they are receiving the highest quality care without needing to leave their community to find such care. Staffed by Board- Certified surgeons and medical specialists, we provide guidance and expertise to help evaluate and manage common as well as atypical, challenging and worrisome conditions when needed.

Specialist TeleMed

Practicing the Medicine of Tomorrow, Today.


Specialist TeleMed’s vision is to provide access to the highest-quality, value-based healthcare for patients within their communities.


Specialist TeleMed shares the same mission as our community partners by delivering high-quality, integrated, and patient-centered care. Our virtual provider services will incorporate specialist care into the natural flow of both patient experience and care team continuum in a reliable, consistent, and integrated manner. Specialist TeleMed seamlessly delivers clinical services by leveraging your existing systems and workflows to minimize disruptions to your onsite team. Healthcare is challenging, and our role is to make your clinicians’ jobs more efficient, value-based and patient care streamlined.


At Specialist TeleMed, the heart of our organization is our people. We are dedicated to learning through our successes an

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Everything that we do at STeM starts with our dedicated and talented team that is known for outstanding service and results.​