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Continuing To Evolve In Telemedicine

Members of our team recently attended regional telehealth conferences in Utah and Arizona. The 2018 Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC) Conference’s theme was “Improving Community Health Through Telehealth.” This conference provided updates on trends...

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Addressing Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. While many of these organisms are normal, some can cause disease if the conditions are right. One of the leading causes of death worldwide includes variations of infectious disease. Further,...

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Telehealth and Patient Satisfaction

We recently reviewed Telehealth and Patient Satisfaction: A Systematic Review and Narrative Analysis by Kruse et al. This was a review and analysis of telehealth and patient satisfaction in regards to effectiveness and efficiency. “Telehealth can provide a...

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Saving Time With Telemedicine

Overcrowding and physician staffing issues contribute to lengthy emergency department wait times. Even with insurance companies recommending urgent care facilities for lower acuity conditions, the number of ER visits continues to increase by an average of 36% as...

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Telemedicine: The Clear Choice

The "rising cost of healthcare" is a hot-button issue for hospitals, consumers, and providers alike. The implementation of a telemedicine practice into a healthcare organization can create a positive ROI. The University of Connecticut Health Center and Community...

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Rural Health In Crisis

The National Rural Health Care Association recently identified rural hospitals in 42 states that are in danger of closing, cutting off vital access to America's agricultural communities. Considering 89 percent of the United States' agricultural products sold are...

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Coming Out Of A Cloud

A benchmark survey was completed earlier this year and speaks to successes within telepsychiatry. Over 90% of patients surveyed responded positively to questions regarding satisfaction, comfort with telemedicine, and accessibility through technology. The American...

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Telemedicine Reduces Physician Burnout

An article written by Physician's Weekly states that almost half of the physicians in the United States suffer from burnout. Physician burnout is becoming an epidemic and can cause major medical errors and high rates of depression. Telemedicine allows physicians to...

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Duke Using Telemedicine To Cut ER Times

Many people are often reluctant to seek emergency care at a hospital because they think they'll be stuck in a crowded waiting room for hours before they see a doctor. Duke University addressed this concern by piloting a telemedicine program. Non-critical patients are...

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