The Secret Behind Our Success

Everything that we do at STeM starts with our dedicated and talented team that is known for outstanding service and results.​ 


Alexander Mason, MD

Chief Executive Officer


Heather Barrett

Chief Operating Officer


Ottilly O'Rourke

Chief Information Officer


John Golisano, D.C.

Chief Business Development Officer


Don Griffin, Ph.D.

Chief Strategy Officer


Cari Hollis

Chief Quality Officer


Tessa Lopez

Recruitment, Sr. Vice President


Marina Rocha

Medical Staff Services, Sr. Vice President


Ginny Taylor

Operations & Human Resources, Sr. Vice President

You're In Good Hands

Specialist TeleMed shares the same mission as our community partners by delivering high-quality, integrated, patient-centered care. Our virtual provider services will incorporate specialist care into the natural flow of both patient experience and care team continuum in a reliable, consistent, and synergistic manner. Specialist TeleMed seamlessly delivers clinical services by leveraging your existing systems and workflows to minimize disruptions to your onsite team. Healthcare is challenging, and part of our role is to make your clinicians' jobs more efficient, value-based and patient care streamlined.

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